October 31, 2008

Vodafone Australia Selects SAS for Marketing Campaigns

Vodafone Australia has selected SAS Marketing Optimization software to enhance its marketing campaigns through advanced analytics and optimization techniques.

SAS is used throughout the Vodafone group for modeling and predictive analytics from applications such as customer relationship management through to the resource management of its IT services in many countries including Australia, Italy, New Zealand and India.

SAS Marketing Optimization collects and analyses statistics to calculate precisely which elements of the marketing campaigns succeed. Up-to-the minute information reveals which channels are most effective in a given situation, which customers to target, and overall campaign effectiveness. The analyses are used to refine and optimize future campaign design and execution for improved return.

Cahyadi Poernomo, head of analytics and campaign intelligence for Vodafone Australia, said: "We decided to switch to an intelligent solution because of how long it took to manually process information we needed. As the number of campaigns grew and became more integrated, our capabilities became impracticable."

Gordon Clubb, managing director for Australia and New Zealand at SAS, said: "We are delighted that the local arm of the world's biggest mobile telephone company chose SAS. In telecommunications, where fierce competition and threatened margins constantly challenge, there is no longer room for marketing campaigns lacking the single version of the truth that only state-of-the-art customer intelligence can deliver."