November 3, 2008

Rentech Announces Conference Schedule for November 2008

Rentech, Inc. (AMEX:RTK) today announced its conference schedule for November 2008.

November 17, 2008 United States Army Energy Forum/Industry Day Lansdowne, Virginia Attendee: Jim McVaney, Vice President of Government Affairs

About Rentech, Inc.

Rentech, Inc. (, incorporated in 1981, provides clean energy solutions. The Rentech Process is a patented and proprietary technology that converts synthesis gas from biomass and fossil resources into hydrocarbons that can be processed and upgraded into ultra-clean synthetic fuels, specialty waxes and chemicals. These energy resources include natural gas, biomass, municipal solid waste, petroleum coke and coal. Rentech Energy Midwest Corporation, the Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, manufactures and sells fertilizer products including ammonia, urea ammonia nitrate, urea granule and urea solution to the corn-belt region.

For More Information

For more information please contact: Julie Dawoodjee, Director of Investor Relations, Rentech, Inc. at 310.571.9800, extension 341, or by email at [email protected]