November 5, 2008

Honda to Build New Automobile Transmission Plant at Hamamatsu Factory

Honda Motor has announced plans to build a new automobile transmission plant within its Hamamatsu factory in Japan, in order to strengthen production of automatic and continuously variable transmissions to meet growing global demand.

The company said that the new automobile transmission plant will utilize a portion of the factory site where the motorcycle plant is currently located.

With the relocation of existing facilities within the Hamamatsu factory and introduction of a new production line, the plant is expected to make full use of advanced technologies and establish an efficient production system.

With the new plant, annual automatic and continuously variable transmissions production capacity at the Hamamatsu factory will increase from the current 700,000 units to 1.1 million units.

The new plant is scheduled to become operational within 2010, and related investment is expected to reach approximately JPY14 billion. Efforts to further improve production efficiency have already begun at the Hamamatsu factory.