November 5, 2008

Kuwait Airways Extends Lido OC Contract With Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Systems, a German full-service IT provider for the airline and aviation sector, and Kuwait Airways have signed a three-year extension of their usage agreement for the Lido Operations Center flight planning solution.

Kuwait Airways has been using Lido Operations Center (Lido OC) since 2005. According to Lufthansa Systems, Lido OC automatically calculates the ideal route between two airports and creates reliable and easy-to-understand briefing documents for each flight. The solution reportedly combines safety and flexibility with fuel efficiency and cost savings.

Lido OC covers all aspects of flight planning and follow-up processes. The solution enables Kuwait Airways to optimize its route calculation. Lufthansa Systems said that the Lido OC considerably improves both the economic efficiency and planning of flights by handling all aspects of managing navigational and meteorological data in addition to automatically calculating flight plans.