November 5, 2008

Stratos Global Launches New BGAN SCADA Service

Stratos Global, a US-based provider of advanced mobile and fixed-site remote communications solutions, has introduced its new BGAN SCADA service to provide high-performance connectivity for remote, unmanned SCADA applications.

The new service is made possible by an agreement that names Stratos as the exclusive distributor of Addvalue's new SABRE Ranger BGAN SCADA terminal. Addvalue is a designer and supplier of BGAN terminals.

According to Stratos, its BGAN SCADA service supports applications for data collection and monitoring of remote assets - including utility substations and oil or gas pipelines. In addition to custom solutions, Stratos will also offer IP or serial polling and 24x7 network monitoring from its network operations center.

Jim Parm, president and CEO of Stratos, said: "This new service successfully enables penetration of active SCADA management into new markets and portions of existing markets that have previously been underserved."