November 5, 2008

Two U.K. Airports to Require ID Cards

A British official says a mandatory national identification card will become mandatory for workers at two U.K. airports next fall.

James Hall, chief executive of the Identity and Passport Service, told the Daily Telgraph that introducing the ID cards at Manchester and London City airports would be a major step in Britain's National Identity Scheme program.

"We believe delivering the highest possible level of identity assurance for critical workers will bring real benefits to employers, employees and the public," Hall said. "That is why I am delighted that Manchester and London City airports have agreed to work in partnership with us."

The National Identity Scheme will include a mandatory ID for all foreign nationals beginning by the end of the month.

The Telegraph said Wednesday that the need for cards at airports had raised controversies.

The sticking point for airport unions and civil liberties advocates has been the fact that foreign fight crews are not required to carry the ID cards.