November 6, 2008

AirAsia to Launch Daily Direct Flight From Kuala Lumpur to Tiruchirappalli

AirAsia has announced that it will launch a daily direct flight to Tiruchirappalli in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, beginning December 1, 2008.

The airline will operate the daily direct flight using Airbus A320 aircraft. Tiruchirappalli is the first destination to be serviced by AirAsia in India. The airline is offering fares from INR699 one-way on the Tiruchirappalli-Kuala Lumpur route.

Tony Fernandes, group CEO of AirAsia, said: "Tiruchirappalli will be our first destination before we embark on nine other locations in India within the next one-and-a-half years. Other routes include Chennai, Kochi, Madurai and Coimbatore; while for AirAsia X, we are looking at New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad."