November 6, 2008

Hundreds of U.S. Garden Centers to Carry Converted Organics’ Residential Products

Converted Organics Inc. (NASDAQ:COIN) announced today that their complete line of organic granular fertilizers will be available for retail purchase at hundreds of independent garden centers, nurseries and specialty stores across the country. Through a partnership with the co-operative organization of distributors called Gro Group, Inc., Converted Organics' products will be sold in every region of the contiguous United States.

"Converted Organics' partnership with Gro Group will be instrumental in satisfying the nationwide consumer demand for our organic fertilizer products for the spring 2009 growing season," said Richard P. Aleo, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Converted Organics. "Our relationship with Gro Group Distributors provides Converted Organics with access to an important group of independent retailers and their extensive customer base."

"Gro Group believes it is critical to meet our customers' increasing demands for quality organic fertilizer products, and we are confident that Converted Organics' all-natural granular fertilizers are the ideal option to offer homeowners for lawn and garden use," said Robert Siegel, Vice President of Merchandising for Gro Group, Inc. "We are pleased that our relationship with Converted Organics will enable us to satisfy this clearly-demonstrated need."

Independent garden center owners recently viewed Converted Organics' products for the first time at Gro Group Regional Distributor trade shows held all over the country. The reaction to the new line was overwhelmingly positive.

"There is no doubt in my mind that Converted Organics' fertilizers will be well-received by our garden center customers and consumers alike. In addition to providing high-quality organic fertilizer, Converted Organics has created phenomenal product packaging that plays to the interests of both groups," said John Bruntzel, Sales Manager of Gard'n-Wise(R) Distributors, Inc., a Gro Group Distributor located in Wichita, Kansas. "Another reason that Converted Organics' products will be a homerun with retailers in the mid-west is because the idea of 'going green' has exploded here over the past year, and the garden centers I have spoken to love the idea of organic fertilizer being made from recycled food waste."

Purchase orders for Converted Organics' granular fertilizer products were written by individual garden centers, nurseries and specialty store representatives at the Regional Distributor shows over the last two months. The products will be shipped by Gro Group Distributors after the New Year, for the traditional early spring delivery of fertilizer. A store-finder application will be posted soon on that will display the nearest retail locations to anyone interested in purchasing Converted Organics' products. Customers will simply enter their zip code, and the closest retail location carrying Converted Organics' products will be listed, along with directions to the store.

About Gro Group Inc.

Incorporated in 1974, Gro Group Inc. is a North American marketing group, equally owned by Gro Group Distributors, bringing together leading manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the lawn and garden industry. Gro Group provides information exchange, group purchasing, the Growise Center Program, and the GroSource Plus Program offering leading, independent, regional retailers integrated marketing and merchandising opportunities. For more information about Gro Group Inc., and to view the easily downloadable Gro Group Advantage PowerPoint Presentation, please visit

About Converted Organics Inc.

Converted Organics (NASDAQ:COIN), based in Boston, MA, is dedicated to producing valuable all-natural, organic soil amendment or fertilizer products through food waste recycling. The company uses proven, state-of-the-art technologies to create a product that helps grow healthier food and improve environmental quality. Converted Organics plans to sell and distribute its environmentally-friendly fertilizer products in the retail, turf management, and agribusiness markets.

Converted Organics' fertilizer products will be produced in both a dry pellet and liquid concentrate. Converted Organics' products have been tested in numerous field trials for more than a dozen crops with the result that, on average, the net value of the farmer's crop increased 11-16%, depending on the particular crop and product application. This is due, in part, to the disease suppression characteristics of the product, which reduce or eliminate the need for other costly, often toxic, crop protection applications. Increased use of nitrogen in commercial agriculture and turf grass applications, such as golf courses, has reduced the soil's ability to absorb nitrogen and other nutrients. Using the products produced by Converted Organics helps restore the soil by replenishing these micronutrients. This reduces the amount of nitrogen required in a virtuous cycle that benefits from long-term use. As a result, use of the product will reduce chemical run-off to streams, ponds and rivers, an objective with significant long-term benefits to the environment.

The products have a long shelf life compared to many other organic fertilizers. In a number of lab and field trials, the liquid product has been shown to be effective in mitigating powdery mildew, a leaf fungus that affects most plants and grasses and restricts the flow of water and nutrients to the plant. The Company's fertilizer products can be used on a stand-alone basis or in combination with more traditional fertilizers and crop protection products. Converted Organics expects to benefit from increased regulatory focus on organic waste processing and on environmentally-friendly growing practices.

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