November 7, 2008

Gas Natural, Baxi Calefaccion to Promote Micro-Cogeneration in Spain

Gas Natural and Baxi Calefaccion have signed an agreement to jointly promote the introduction and development of micro-cogeneration in Spain. This system provides electricity, heating and hot water simultaneously using natural gas, in both new and existing buildings in the residential and tertiary sector.

Under the agreement, the two companies will work together on the study of installations and equipment, improvements in their design, and their correct maintenance.

Gas Natural and Baxi Calefaccion will set up a work group to carry out joint pilot projects, such as the installation, operation and maintenance of micro-cogeneration systems in the residential sector. These projects will act as a test bench to gather data on the functioning of the systems.

Micro-cogeneration uses natural gas to produce electricity and takes advantage of the residual heat to provide domestic hot water and heating. It is claimed to provide significant financial savings for consumers and reduces emissions of CO2.

These systems can be incorporated both in centralized boilers, which are more common in the tertiary sector and certain properties with a number of residents, and in individual wall mounted boilers for each house or flat.