November 7, 2008

Benchmark Your Company Against The Leading Players With Green Power Retail Strategies in European Utilities

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Green Power Retail Strategies in European Utilities" report to their offering.

Burgeoning climate policies have placed upward pressures on power producers to source power from renewable energy sources and meet stringent carbon abatement targets. Yet in the current context of market liberalization and increased environmental awareness, too few utilities have truly leveraged their green credentials as a non-price differentiator and a way to unlock greater commercial advantage.


- Insight as to how green products can exert positive pressures on an energy retailers brand positioning in an otherwise commoditized environment.

- Reasons why record levels of utility-owned renewable power generation means utilities must now deliver equally robust renewable retail strategies.

- Ways how green energy can be used as vehicle to bridge the gap between aggressive renewable strategies and much-needed utility innovation.

- A clear overview and critical evaluation of the current UK green energy tariff landscape, contrasted with leading non-UK European green offerings.

Highlights of this title

Most of all the electricity generated from renewable sources in the UK is being supplied to businesses. Green tariffs destined for the residential retail market are not delivering the environmental benefits they claim to. As a result, few residential consumers are actually making the additional positive contributions they intend.

Utilities are adding renewables to their generation portfolios in excess of legislative requirements. Yet, UK residential consumers will continue to struggle to find green electricity unless there is an expansion in the renewable capacity allocated to that segment. Regardless, suppliers will continue to target green power demand from businesses.

None of the UK big six have truly leveraged their green offering as a non-price differentiator in the domestic retail market. Of the five types of green tariffs currently available in the UK, some are much greener than others, most suffer from a lack of transparency and clarity, and all compete with other voluntary carbon offsetting vehicles.

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