November 11, 2008

Schools Get Smart, Go Green

San Francisco-based Project FROG(R) will bring to life the single biggest idea in green building at the U.S. Green Building Council's 2008 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo: commercially viable, rapidly deployable zero-energy buildings. Zero-energy has finally arrived, and it's smarter, faster and more affordable than anyone could have ever imagined.

FROG Zero(TM), the world's first - and only - zero-energy building system, will be introduced at Greenbuild, where every year 25,000 of the brightest minds in green building gather to understand the most advanced sustainable building products and technology.

"What we've accomplished with the FROG Zero is as remarkable for the construction industry as the first hybrid car was for the automotive industry, or the first fuel cell was for the energy industry. This is huge," said Adam Tibbs, president of Project FROG.

Showcased in a "School of the Future" demonstration project, FROG Zero incorporates the ideal learning environment into the greenest, most sustainable commercial building solution available. Ever. The 1,280-sf smart building features 75 percent energy demand reduction, abundant natural light and glare control, superior air quality, fungible user technology, microclimate customization and advanced climate controls in an easy to configure package. Constructed of renewable or recyclable materials, the FROG Zero generates more energy within its footprint than is required to operate its systems.

FROG Zero produces virtually no carbon emissions, provides 100 percent thermal comfort hours and has the capacity to return five times its energy use through active solar power generation. A flexible design approach makes optimization for a wide variety of local sites and climate conditions simple and cost-effective.

"The construction industry has been incredibly destructive to the environment; it contributes only 5 percent to our GDP, yet consumes nearly 40 percent of our energy and natural resources while accounting for more than 45 percent of landfill waste," said Mark Miller, founder and CEO of Project FROG. "The FROG Zero is about making green easy and affordable...we're the first to reach zero-energy, but we are not stopping there. Our vision is that the FROG Zero inspires the industry to advance to a new baseline for design and innovation and to work within the boundaries of environmental sustainability."

The FROG Zero exhibit is sponsored by Building Design+Construction Magazine and a host of other key partners including Dell Computers, Herman Miller, Tate, InterfaceFLOR, USG, YKK and Acuity Brands Lighting. Members of the Project FROG team will be on site to answer questions and demonstrate the building's key features and functionality.

About Project FROG

Better, greener, faster, cheaper. Smart. Project FROG Inc. is a venture-backed company founded in 2006 with the mission of designing and manufacturing smart buildings -- high-performance, green building systems that are healthy, quick to deploy, affordable, sustainable and permanent. The company's leadership team comprises award-winning architects as well as accomplished entrepreneurs and innovative builders. FROG (Flexible Response to Ongoing Growth) buildings are architecturally elegant, highly functional, energy efficient, quick-to-deploy and adaptable. The recipient of numerous industry awards, Project FROG is at the forefront of change for a new standard in green building. The company is actively seeking innovative vendors and partners to support growing demand. For more information, visit