November 11, 2008

Clear Channel Interspace Airports Advertising and DoubleTake Marketing Announce Baggage Carousel Advertising Program in Kansas City International Airport

SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Clear Channel Interspace Airports brings DoubleTake Marketing and its creative and innovative advertising medium to the Kansas City International Airport as part of their commitment to provide airports with emerging advertising technologies. "Interspace is very excited to partner with DoubleTake on this project and we look forward to enhancing our overall advertising program at the Kansas City International Airport. The new type of advertisement will create a sense of ownership for the advertisers and it will successfully get the advertisers message across to all travelers," says Andrew Kuncio, properties manager for Clear Channel Interspace Airports.

As thousands of passengers gather in the baggage claim every hour, The ADspressive(TM) Graphic allows the advertiser to display a large banner on the moving portion of the baggage carousel, reaching a captive and highly sought after demographic.

"Baggage Carousel Advertising is unique, as it is the only medium where travelers stop to watch the advertisements while awaiting their luggage to arrive from the plane. In addition, friends and family meeting the traveler also view the moving ads, exponentially increasing the exposure of our advertising clients," says DoubleTake Marketing Co-founder and COO, Zack Clark.

About the Ad Graphics:

"This unique new medium is primarily used for branding, and to complement other Out of Home Advertising messages and can be an incredibly creative, moving advertisement," says Mike Gleeson, Co-founder and CEO for DoubleTake Marketing. Creative is provided by the advertiser and can either be a modification of existing ad campaigns, or tie into the airport and/or travel theme.

Current Advertisers

Isle of Capri Casino and Harrah's North Kansas City are among the first advertisers to take advantage of Baggage Carousel Advertising in Kansas City Airport. "Isle of Capri Casino is excited about being one of the first to welcome travelers to Kansas City! It's about Fun and Excitement and we think Kansas City and the Isle of Capri have both!" said Brian Watts, Vice President/General Manager of the Isle of Capri Casino Kansas City

These two companies are taking advantage of the early exposure that this new medium brings. Each advertiser has fully branded a carousel by commissioning advertisements which cover the entire moving surface of the carousel, as well as placed a handful of smaller ads covering a 30-foot portion of other carousels throughout the airport.

Future Plans for Baggage Carousel Advertising

With about half of the carousels in Kansas City still available for 2009 advertising campaigns, Kansas City is the launch pad for the program offered between CCIA and DoubleTake Marketing as they bring this new technology to the network of airports represented by Clear Channel. Watch for this new medium to take off in an airport near you throughout 2008 and 2009.


Airport Advertising allows companies to reach a highly sought after demographic. According to a 2004 Arbitron Study, airline travelers are 80% more likely to have an annual household income in excess of $100,000 per year and are highly educated and discerning shoppers.

Airport advertising is the ideal location for companies trying to reach the technology early adopter, the business decision maker, the movie-going audience, luxury auto enthusiasts and consumers of luxury goods such as jewelry and high-end services. (Arbitron 2004)

About DoubleTake Marketing

Founded in 2006, DoubleTake Marketing set out to create a new advertising medium utilizing the unused real estate within our nation's airports - the baggage carousel; Michael Gleeson, one of the company's founders spent 2006 as a frequent flyer. While waiting for a bag to be delivered to the carousel from his flight, Mike noticed that every passenger in the terminal was staring at the moving bag belt; an idea was born. DoubleTake Marketing performed over two years of research to create a material durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of baggage carousel operation and has filed for a patent with the US Patent Office. DoubleTake Marketing's Patent-pending ADspressive(TM) Graphic can be seen at both Kansas City and DFW International Airports.

About Clear Channel Interspace Airports

Clear Channel Interspace Airports is the premiere advertising company in North America, whose programs serve as a catalyst for promoting tourism, economic development and community support for local and regional airports. In 33 years, CCIA has grown to handle over 200 airport programs throughout North and Central America, the Caribbean and the Pacific Rim.

CCIA programs have won 12 of the 15 airport advertising awards given over the past ten years by Airports Council International (ACI-NA), the largest airport organization in North America.

For more information, please call Lucas Yezik, at (800) 628-6800, extension 325.

About Kansas City International Airport

For millions passengers each year, Kansas City International Airport serves as mid America's link to the world. Drawing passengers, cargo and commerce from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and beyond, the airport is a major catalyst in the growth and development of the region and plays a significant role in bringing new business, conventions and tourists to the area. KCI supports 61,000 full-time equivalent jobs with a total direct payroll of $1.5 billion and contributes $5.5 billion annually to the area economy. A mix of full-service and low-fare carriers offers affordable nonstop flights to most major U.S. cities. Visit for more information.

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