November 11, 2008

Sonoco’s Rigid Paper Can Locks Flavor In and Moisture Out for Carbon’s Golden Malted(R) Pancake and Waffle Flour

The retail division of New Carbon Company--Golden Malted, Inc. bills its Carbon's Golden Malted(R) Pancake and Waffle Flour as "simply the finest." So when the company went shopping for a new package with which to market its premium blends of wheat flour, corn meal and secret flavorings to upscale hotels, restaurants, universities, theme parks and consumers around the world, it chose a rigid paper can from Sonoco (NYSE:SON), one of the largest diversified global packaging companies.

Sonoco is supplying Golden Malted, Inc. with two sizes of its high-performance rigid paper cans, a 401 x 411 (16 ounces/454 grams) and a 502 x 508 (33 ounces/936 grams) for Carbon's Golden Malted Pancake and Waffle Flour.

The primary challenge for any new package was to protect the subtle flavor and powdery texture of the flour blend. The Sonoco-made rigid paperboard cans, are spiral wound using two plies of 100 percent recycled paperboard and have a high-barrier liner and an Ultra-Seal(R) closure to lock moisture and oxygen out. The result? Clump-free pancake and waffle flour that's easy to blend into a batter that produces flavorful and light pancakes and waffles.

The Ultra-Seal closure, a peelable membrane adhered to a metal rim, can be removed from the container with a gentle tug, and the can's wide opening makes measuring and pouring the flour neat and easy. A flexible plastic over caps allows for secure re-close between uses.

The damage-resistant rigid paperboard construction of the cans works well with the New Carbon Company's global supply chain. Lighter in weight than metal cans, they cost less to ship.

Sonoco supplies Golden Malted, Inc. with unlabeled cans, which the company then labels on demand, a fairly common practice according to Sonoco preferred Account Representative Karen Kline. "Many customers prefer the flexibility of self labeling. They can update label graphics, add a new SKU or use the cans for an entirely different application. It's cost effective and convenient."

"The canisters provide Golden Malted with a unique 'point of difference' within the retail marketplace," said Holly Gouker, production coordinator for the New Carbon Company. "Retailers have found the canister to be a superior product package that allows for better merchandising and shelf visibility. Consumers love the improved product shelf life the canisters offer and the ability to reseal and reuse as needed. Sonoco and Golden Malted's partnership provides 'simply the finest' food product packaging to retailers and consumers nationwide."

To learn more about Sonoco's high-performance composite cans, visit Sonoco at Pack Expo.

About Sonoco

Sonoco, founded in 1899, is a $4.0 billion global manufacturer of industrial and consumer products and a provider of packaging services, with 334 operations in 35 countries, serving customers in 85 nations. For more information on the Company, visit

About the New Carbon Company

Founded in 1937 by Fred S. Carbon, the New Carbon Company is dedicated to innovative new products and services based on customers' needs and market demand, providing high quality products with value pricing, while retaining successful relationship with customers and suppliers. In 2001 it launched the retail division of Golden Malted, Inc. to meet these needs. For more information, visit