November 11, 2008

Paragon Airheater Technologies International Expansion Plans

As part of ongoing efforts to meet growing world demand for cleaner coal energy, Paragon Airheater Technologies ("Paragon") is executing its plans to expand the company into Europe, China and the Middle East.

Paragon Chief Research Scientist, John Guffre is supporting the international expansion by teaching workshops on behalf of the Department of Energy (D.O.E.) in New Delhi, India and holding clean tech symposiums in Dubai and Jordan. Paragon has spent significant time in Italy; meeting with a large utility conglomerate positioned in Europe and the Americas, in hopes of a corporate alliance. Furthermore, the company has hired an agent in China to set up a division for Paragon located in Shenzhen, China.

To further the progress of their International plan, Paragon is pleased to announce George Bennett has accepted the position as Vice President of International Sales. "We are extremely excited to have George on board to pick up what we have started internationally," stated John Busic, Chief Executive Officer of Paragon.

Expanding and establishing operations in other countries will be a key to achieving the company's international growth objective. George Bennett said, "Our global strategy is to target countries where we see the demand of clean coal energy growing rapidly. This includes gaining access to new markets, as well as expanding business with our existing international customers in Latin America."

About Paragon Air Heater Technologies specializes in the manufacturing of high-performance seals, basketed elements, and replacement parts for rotary, regenerative airheaters. Paragon provides trained technical personnel to perform routine inspection services, condition assessments, outage planning, diagnostic services or emergency maintenance and repair. Paragon's exclusive and patented design for both radial/axial and circumferential/bypass seals are specifically designed to provide maximum efficiency while withstanding the harsh operating conditions normally encountered in the airheater.