November 12, 2008

Alyeska Pipeline Selects ESI’s PipelineManager for Leak Detection

Energy Solutions International has announced that its PipelineManager modeling and leak detection application has been selected by the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company to serve as the foundation for leak detection and slack flow monitoring on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System's (TAPS) complexity stems from the severe elevation changes over the 800-mile pipeline, which runs from the North Slope to Valdez and crosses three mountain ranges and more than 800 rivers and streams.

PipelineManager will reportedly be deployed to confirm the integrity and accurately detect both the size and location of any leaks along TAPS, ensuring compliance with government regulations.

Energy Solutions (ESI) claims that PipelineManager provides accurate leak detection and location, batch/product/composition tracking, capacity determination, throughput optimization, fuel cost minimization, automated operational warnings and survival time, what-if analysis and operator training.

Jo Webber, CEO of ESI, said: "Energy Solutions International is one of the few companies in the world that possesses the proven technology, domain expertise and customer service to tackle a project of this complexity. We are delighted to be working with Alyeska to deploy our robust leak detection solution on one of the most highly regulated pipelines in the world."