November 12, 2008

Case Announces Nine Energy Efficient Tips for 2009

Year after year, data from the U.S. Department of Energy suggests that heating and cooling are the largest energy expenses in most homes across the U.S. As most homeowners look for ways to reduce their energy usage and save on their utility bills, Case Handyman and Remodeling Services announces nine helpful tips to make your home more energy efficient for 2009.

1. Energy Saving Appliances - In the kitchen, energy and water usage can be greatly reduced by up to fifty percent with energy efficient appliances.

2. Lighting - Replace standard light bulbs with CFL's. They last up to ten times as long and use one-fourth of the energy. Skylights are also a great way to brighten up dimly lit areas and save on electricity.

3. Windows - Window replacement will dramatically reduce your energy usage. New energy efficient windows are twice as efficient as the average window produced ten years ago. They are available in a variety of options and designs. If new windows are not in your budget, you can boost your home's energy efficiency by repairing older windows that are rotted, damaged with cracked glass or missing putty.

4. Walls - Make sure that any exterior wall penetrations into the house (including dryer vents, cable television lines, power lines, gas lines, or hose bibs) are properly sealed from both the outside and inside. Make sure all interior access points into unconditioned spaces (includes attic or basement/crawlspace access) are tightly closed and well insulated.

5. Basements - Seal basements and crawlspaces with caulk, spray foam, or weather-stripping. This will have a great impact on improving your comfort and reducing utility bills.

6. Attics - Adding extra insulation to your attic can make your home more comfortable in the winter months, in addition to lowering your energy bills. A foot of fiberglass or cellulose insulation in the attic floor is recommended as a cost-effective measure.

7. Plumbing - Insulate hot water pipes and add a re-circulating valve at the far end of a water supply stack. Put in low flow shower heads to regulate the times when you need hot water.

8. Hot Water Heater - Make sure to replace your hot water heater with an energy efficient model. Also, invest in a hot water heater jacket. The jackets cost around twenty-five dollars and can potentially save ten to twenty dollars a month in energy costs.

9. Inspection - Have a specialist look over your HVAC system at least once a year to ensure that your system is running at optimal performance.

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