November 13, 2008

Himfr.Com Reports That Non-Ferrous Metals Prices Will Remain Stable

BEIJING, Nov. 13 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- ( ), one of China's leading B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name, reports that among the six varieties of non-ferrous metals -- copper (, aluminum ( ), lead, zinc ( ), tin, and nickel (, China only exported aluminum by net value in 2008 while imported all other varieties, and with the importing trend expanding, it indicates that China's demand for non-ferrous metals remains strong, and that China will be a major force support the price of non-ferrous metals.

Himfr's data show that China's demand for non-ferrous metals ( ) is going up, with it being the world most important non-ferrous metals production and consumption country. At present, the global economic downturn led to the decline in demand for non- ferrous metals, which have led non-ferrous metal prices to fall sharply. Although China's economic growth is also slowing down, but in September, Chinese non-ferrous metal's overall import growth has not been reversed, and according to Himfr, the demand from China will become a major force in supporting the prices of non-ferrous metals.

By net value, China has been importing more copper than exporting in recent years, as the production of refined copper ( ) in China has not been sufficient meet with domestic demands.

Despite that China is still exporting aluminum by net value, the export focus have shifted to aluminum alloy ( ), with net export between January to September reached 5.2 million tons.

Since the beginning of July, the lead trade has also been changed to net imports. In September, 2008, China's refined lead ( ) import was 6,057 tons more than August. Refined lead's domestic demand is exuberant, and the export tariff policy disadvantage has led China to shift from an exporter to a net importer.

Refined zinc ( ) is also a Chinese import, with China importing 1 million tons between January to September 2008, of which net imports in September was 29,000 tons.

Refined nickel ( ) and alloy's net import in September were also strong, with net import of 9,800 tons, year-on-year growth of 50%, from January to September the net import was 870,000 tons. Import of refined tin's was 9,300 tons.

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