November 13, 2008

Advanced Engine Technologies Announces Date for Annual Shareholder Meeting

Advanced Engine Technologies, Inc. (Pink Sheets: AENG) announced today that its Annual Shareholder Meeting will be held on Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008, at 11 a.m. PST. Shareholders will have an opportunity to vote on the election of the Board of Directors for the coming year at the AET Development offices in Gardena, Calif.

Upon completion of the formal portion of the meeting, AETs Chief Operating Officer, John Luft and Mike Edwards, AET's Lead Project Engineer, will present development updates on the 0X2 engines. These engines are being developed and tested at its engine development facilities in Australia and Gardena. In addition, a running demonstration of the 0X2 will be conducted following the close of the meeting.

The 0X2 is a 4-stroke, 1.1-liter internal combustion engine that is 17 inches in diameter with a length of 13 inches and a total weight of 175 pounds in normally aspirated form. The compact engine weighs 75 percent less than and is half the size of traditional internal combustion engines. In addition, it offers the flexibility of being able to run on a variety of fossil fuels including gasoline, diesel, natural gas, liquid propane or methane. With far fewer moving parts than traditional engine designs, the 0X2 engine could offer the further advantages of significantly enhanced operation and maintenance costs and a longer useful life.

With its expected higher power-to-weight ratio, multi-fuel capacity and anticipated low emissions and fuel efficiency, the 0X2 has a practical and much needed application in the commercial and industrial generator markets. Additional future applications may include marine, light-duty farm and construction equipment, light aircraft, and the hybrid electric vehicle market. However, the near term focus remains electrical generator applications.

Inquires by investors or anyone interested about the progress of the 0X2 engine can be directed to the company at (310) 914-9599. Additional information pertaining to the 0X2 engine can be accessed through the company's web site at

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