November 24, 2008

U.S corn harvest 89 percent done

The U.S. corn harvest edged closer to completion this week, reaching 89 percent done, the Department of Agriculture said.

The crop's five-year average for harvest completion during this week of the year is 97 percent.

Winter wheat emergence is one tick ahead of the five-year average, 92 percent of the acreage showing crop emergence compared with an average of 91 percent.

In the 18 most important winter wheat states, field conditions are reported as excellent or good in 44 percent of the acreage; 37 percent are listed as fair, while 19 percent are listed as poor or very poor.

In the country's 15 largest cotton-producing states, 73 percent of the crop has been harvested. Arkansas and Missouri show cotton harvests completed. Four other states are above 90 percent done. Texas lags behind at 53 percent done with the cotton harvest, but the state's five-year average is 60 percent done for this week of the year, the weekly crop progress report said.