December 5, 2008

Taste test ads fail with some bloggers

Bloggers are panning new Burger King ads featuring taste tests in fast-food-deprived portions of the world, such as Thailand and Transylvania.

I just dislike the idea of going to some remote place and feeding indigenous tribes or impoverished people burgers that are full of fat, trans-fat and calories, a blogger wrote on the Web site Walletpop, Crain's Chicago Business reported Friday.

While it would be nice to help those around the world who are starving, passing them heart attacks in a bun is not the way to do it! the blogger wrote.

In the so-called Whopper Virgins ads, film crews are shown trekking to remote locations to have locals sample Whoppers and Big Macs, made by rival McDonald's.

To find out about America's favorite burger, we had to leave America, Web site declares.

Although a novel approach, bloggers have been critical. I don't think indigenous people should be used in that way to amuse a bored public that wants a sensation at any price, a blogger commented on