Media Events/Fleet Services Organization Takes Shape

December 8, 2008

BOSTON, Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ — The nation’s leading, independent, media
fleet and event management companies today announced the formation of a
dynamic new entity known as NAVS, or North American Vehicle Services.

North American Vehicle Services (NAVS) was born in response to a need from
the auto industry for a media fleet/event management entity that offers
ground-breaking service, on a national basis.

NAVS is the perfect solution for those seeking a radical shift from the
status quo. An experienced, professional and polished team was created by
hand-picking the best in the business in each major metropolitan region to
form NAVS.

What sets NAVS apart from the rest of the media fleet industry, is the
fact that each member organization retains its independence and with that its
drive, commitment and passion to offer unsurpassed levels of client service.
NAVS also offers clients the luxury of an option they may not have had before
- choice. The choice between contracting with a single, uniform entity;
individually with our members; or a combination of both.

The NAVS team is made up of the following companies (listed by name and

    -- Automotion (Boston)
    -- Automotive Media Solutions (Denver)
    -- Event Solutions International (Detroit)
    -- G. Schmitz and Associates (Chicago)
    -- Page One Automotive (San Francisco)
    -- Prestige Auto (Miami)

NAVS is represented in 14 offices nationally. Collectively these companies
form a single entity that offers more than 140 years combined industry

NAVS offers a national presence with regional excellence.

SOURCE North American Vehicle Services

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