ICIS Chemical Business Announces Top 40 Power Players

December 9, 2008

NEW YORK and LONDON, December 9 /PRNewswire/ — ICIS Chemical Business
magazine unveils the ICIS Top 40 Power Players – the most influential people
in the global chemical industry.

“The chemical industry is ultimately a people industry, and these
individuals have changed the face of the global chemical industry – through
mergers and acquisitions, policy leadership, innovation and financial
performance,” said Joseph Chang, Global Editor of ICIS Chemical Business.

BASF chairman and CEO Jurgen Hambrecht takes the top spot in the ICIS Top
40 Power Players in the December 8 issue, with Dow Chemical chairman and CEO

Andrew Liveris coming in second and SABIC CEO Mohamed Al-Mady coming in third.

“Under Hambrecht’s leadership, the German chemical giant BASF’s stellar
growth has continued in 2008, consolidating the company’s position as the
world’s largest and possibly, best managed, chemical company,” said Will
, Deputy Editor of ICIS Chemical Business and London Bureau Chief.

Hambrecht has taken decisive action in the economic downturn, being
amongst the first to announce a series of wide-ranging production cuts to
curtail overcapacity, noted Beacham.

In addition, he engineered the pending $5bn acquisition of Swiss-based
specialty chemical firm Ciba, which is due to close in 2009.

Dow CEO Liveris is making his mark with two of the most transformational
deals in industry history, said Chang.

The company’s K-Dow $15bn in sales commodity chemical joint venture with
Kuwait’s Petrochemical Industries Co. is set to close by January 1, 2009, and
its $19bn acquisition of US specialty chemical firm Rohm and Haas by the
first quarter of 2009.

Liveris is also taking a leadership role in US energy policy, unveiling
“Dow’s Energy plan for America” in November, featuring higher energy
efficiency, speeding renewable energy development, boosting oil and gas
production, optimizing the carbon efficiency of coal and accelerating use of
nuclear energy.

The December 8 issue also includes the Top 10 Ones to Watch – the rising
stars that will have a big impact on the industry in the future.

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