Mohawk Launches Renewal Folding Board with the Highest PCW Content in the Industry

December 9, 2008

COHOES, N.Y., Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Mohawk Fine Papers Inc. continues to demonstrate environmental leadership by providing products that support industry demands for sustainable papers. Mohawk’s newly launched Renewal Folding Board 80% PC White is FSC-certified, and has the highest PCW content available.

Mohawk Renewal’s initial product launch will be 18-point board. Although larger boxes are typically constructed from heavier board, the majority of packaging production uses 18-point board for luxury items such as cosmetics, bath products, jewelry, gift boxes and CD cases, as well as business collateral such as portfolios and pocket folders.

Renewal features a premium uncoated surface that accepts ink beautifully and performs extremely well through the entire finishing and converting processes from offset and UV offset, to letterpress, foil-stamping and embossing. In addition to Renewal’s strong environmental appeal, another differentiating characteristic is its availability in both vellum and smooth finishes. Each offers a premium printing surface with a tactile quality that lends itself to a wide range of production techniques and Renewal’s excellent dimensional stability scores and folds well both with and against the grain.

“We receive inquiries daily from customers looking for a more sustainable packaging alternative, and the media is actively covering the subject of ‘green packaging.’ This is not a trend but rather a need that will continue to grow. As a company with a reputation as a leader in sustainable papers, the time is right for us to introduce Renewal, a folding board that contains the highest PCW content in the industry,” says David Van de Water, Director of Product and Market Development, Mohawk Fine Papers.

For more information on Mohawk Renewal Folding Board, visit us online at www.mohawkpaper.com or call 1 800 the mill.

SOURCE Mohawk Fine Papers Inc.

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