December 9, 2008

Sands to appeal $58.6M judgment

A Las Vegas Sands Corp. lawyer said the company would appeal a $58.6 million award won by a Hong Kong businessman for help securing a gambling contract.

District Judge Michelle Leavitt denied two motions in the case, one to have the judgment overturned and one to have the award reduced, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported Tuesday.

In a six-week trial that ended in May, businessman Richard Suen claimed he helped the company secure a lucrative gambling contract in Macao.

The company said Suen's role was incidental.

In filing to overturn the judgment, attorney Rusty Hardin said the jury relied on hearsay testimony, the newspaper said.

You're talking about four layers of speculation and conjecture, he said.

But, Suen's lawyer,John O'Malley disagreed. To try and say that a six-week case turned on one snippet of testimony is stretching the bounds of reality, O'Malley said.

After failing to approve the motions, Hardin said the company would take the case to the Nevada Supreme Court, the Review Journal said.