December 14, 2008

Thousands try for 100 Rolls-Royce jobs

Unemployed workers in Indiana say the prospect of 100 machinist jobs at Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis drew thousands of applicants.

About 1,000 people had entered the plant Saturday when guards closed the gates and accepted resumes from others with a promise to get them to hiring managers, The Indianapolis Star reported.

Some applicants said they had to park as far as a mile away from the plant because so many people showed up, the Star reported Sunday.

There's no work around, said unemployed machinist James Bond, 32, of Indianapolis. I've put in hundreds of applications.

Rolls-Royce, headquartered in Britain, is Indiana's second-largest manufacturer, employing about 4,300 people at the Indianapolis plant.

The company said it is expanding its work force because of an increased demand for its engines for military planes and helicopters.