December 14, 2008

Qatar firms to hire 37,000 Filipinos

Qatar companies will have jobs for 37,000 Filipinos in the next few years, Philippines President Gloria Arroyo said during a visit to the Middle Eastern nation.

I am glad to hear that there are 37,000 more job openings here for Filipinos, Arroyo said Saturday. It just confirms the information we have from all over the world that employment among our workers is strong.

She made the comments at a meeting in Doha with chief executive officers and high-level executives of several companies that employ Filipino workers, The Peninsula reported Sunday.

Arroyo said the jobs in Qatar would make up for losses sustained by about 1,000 Filipino workers in other countries.

For the few Filipinos who have lost their jobs -- so far our count is only 1,000, those that are confirmed, and around 500 who may lose their jobs -- the 37,000 jobs offered by these companies here in Qatar will make up for whoever loses or may lose their jobs, Arroyo said, noting the strong job-placement rate for Filipinos even with the global recession.