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Georgia-Pacific Gypsum’s New Impact-Resistant Interior Panels Rounds Out a Family of Dens(TM) Brand Gypsum Panels

December 16, 2008

ATLANTA, Dec. 16 /PRNewswire/ — In response to the increased demand for
building materials with surface durability, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum introduces
the newest addition to the Dens(TM) Brand of fiberglass mat, moisture- and
mold-resistant gypsum panels — DensArmor Plus(R) Impact-Resistant interior
panels, which contain an additional embedded fiberglass mesh for superior
impact and abuse resistance. It is ideal for construction of high-occupancy
buildings, such as offices, hospitals, dormitories and other public buildings.

“Georgia-Pacific Gypsum is an industry leader when it comes to offering
builders and architects durable gypsum panels that resist damage to wall
surfaces, and potentially decrease maintenance costs for repairing scuffs and
dents,” said Leo Bissonnette, director of innovation for Georgia-Pacific
Gypsum. “By expanding our fiberglass mat portfolio with DensArmor Plus Impact-
Resistant panels, we continue to prove our commitment to providing innovative
solutions for the construction and building industry.”

Following strict surface abrasion and soft body impact testing, in line
with the ASTM International classification (ASTM C 1629), DensArmor Plus
Impact-Resistant panels achieved a level three for both, which is the highest
level for abrasion and impact resistance under the standard. ASTM
International is one of the largest voluntary standards development
organizations and serves as an industry source for technical standards
regarding materials, products, systems and services. DensArmor Plus Impact-
Resistant panels also achieved a level two classification for hard body impact
resistance and a level one classification for indentation resistance.

DensArmor Plus Impact-Resistant panels resist warping, rippling and
buckling and install just like regular gypsum drywall. It is easy to cut and
can be installed with standard drywall tools and fasteners. DensArmor Plus
panels are noncombustible in accordance with ASTM E 136. Additionally,
DensArmor Plus Impact-Resistant panels can be used in fire-rated assemblies
where 5/8″ DensArmor Plus Fireguard(R) Type X panels are specified. For
product fire, safety and use information go to http://www.gp.com/safetyinfo.

The fiberglass mat building materials portfolio from Georgia-Pacific
Gypsum includes its legacy product — DensGlass(TM) Gold exterior sheathing,
DensGlass(TM) Ultra shaftliner, DensDeck(R) roof boards, DensArmor Plus
interior panels, DensArmor Plus Abuse-Resistant interior panels and
DensShield(R) tile backer. For more information about the fiberglass mat
building products portfolio offered by Georgia-Pacific Gypsum, please visit

About Georgia-Pacific

Georgia-Pacific has long been among the nation’s leading manufacturers and
suppliers of building products to lumber and building materials dealers and
large do-it-yourself warehouse retailers, with brands such as Plytanium(R)
plywood, DryPly(R) water repellent plywood, Ply-Bead(R) panels and Wood I
Beam(TM) joists offered by Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC and DensArmor
Plus(R) interior drywall, DensGlass Gold(R) sheathing and ToughRock(R)
wallboard offered by Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LLC. For more information, visit
http://www.gp.com/build or call 800-225-6119.

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