Funding Promises Must Be Fulfilled

December 18, 2008

HOUSTON, Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ — The Coalition for Space Exploration
(http://www.spacecoalition.com), the leading collaboration of space industry
businesses and advocacy groups, announced today the release of a statement by
board member Bob Crippen, a former astronaut who served as pilot of first
space shuttle mission, commander of three other space shuttle missions, and
former director of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

In recent editorials to newspapers, Crippen implored President-elect Obama
to make good on his campaign promise of $2 billion in additional funding for
the future of our nation’s space program.

“America must not be left on the launch pad. Delaying or canceling
valuable programs within America’s space agenda short-circuits technological
advancement, scientific discovery, industrial spinoffs and national security
benefits, not to mention general hope and prosperity for this nation’s

Crippen went on to comment, “We must ensure the agency has the resources
needed to persevere on its current course to finish the space station,
minimize a human spaceflight gap, and push forward on the Constellation
Program, while preserving Earth and space science programs.

“Starts and stops in space programs don’t prove beneficial. Delays or
redirection only result in lost knowledge and wasted taxpayer money. Taking
that trajectory only makes vulnerable current and vital space exploration
initiatives, and also detours or places in jeopardy longer term science,
technology and discovery — elements important to our national economy.”

Crippen concluded, “A healthy and balanced robotic and human space program
not only looks at the stars, but also confronts the difficulties now facing
our own planetary launch pad — Earth. Threats stemming from global climate
change, an energy-hungry globe and other 21st century woes can be addressed by
an energetic space program.”

To view Crippen’s complete comments on the importance of funding a robust
space exploration program, please view

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The Coalition for Space Exploration is a collaboration of space industry
businesses and advocacy groups whose mission is to educate and inform the
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