An Open Letter From Bob Nardelli

December 19, 2008

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Dec. 19 /PRNewswire/ — To Chrysler employees and
other stakeholders:

We have received news that U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson will
provide $4 billion of initial funding to Chrysler LLC from the TARP (Troubled
Assets Relief Program) as a loan to help bridge the current financial crisis.
We appreciate the Administration’s confidence in Chrysler.

As outlined in our submission to Congress, we intend to be accountable for
this loan, including meeting the specific requirements set forth by the
government, and will continue to implement our plan for long-term viability.
The receipt of this loan means Chrysler can continue to pursue its vision to
build the fuel-efficient, high-quality cars and trucks people want to buy,
will enjoy driving and will want to buy again.

For Chrysler to succeed in its mission to return to profitability, we need
the continued support of our many business partners. Terms associated with the
bridge loan include Chrysler’s commitment to work with key constituents –
including our owners, lenders, suppliers, dealers, management and employees –
to identify and achieve the cost-savings concessions we need to build a
long-term viable enterprise. These concessions discussions will happen
quickly, as a full governmental review and approval of our plan is expected by
March 31, 2009.

We are meeting with our suppliers, mindful that they are going through a
difficult period as well. But we must cooperatively find ways to further
reduce our costs while maintaining normal operations. We will ask our
suppliers to maintain their commitment to reasonable trade terms and normal
fulfillment of orders for as long as the federal loan is outstanding. This
will assure that neither Chrysler, nor our suppliers would suffer the
substantial losses caused by the plant/production shutdowns that result from
stop shipments or other disruptions.

We will seek continued dealer cooperation to improve our cash position and
consolidate our U.S. network. Project Genesis is on the path to aligning our
product portfolio with a smaller, healthier tri-branded dealer network based
on the realities of our business environment. Because strong, healthy dealers
are essential to our success, we are also working with our dealers to keep
dealer inventories in line with the marketplace, focusing on how they can
support their business despite the falloff in sales through sales of used
vehicles, service and parts.

As a condition of the bridge loan, we have committed to work with our
lenders to seek their participation in concessions as well.

Cerberus has already agreed to forgo any benefit from the upside that
would, in part, be created from the bridge loan and any other government
assistance that the Company may obtain.

All employees have and will continue to help support Chrysler’s recovery.
We have also partnered with the UAW to find new opportunities to increase our
competitiveness. The Company has already undertaken and will continue to
undertake significant cost reduction actions related to salaried workers also.

The bridge loan allows us to meet cash needs, pay our suppliers, continue
developing great products and move forward with the restructuring and
streamlining of our organization that we began in 2007. This restructuring
will reduce the number of personnel layers while increasing managers’ span of
control, enabling us to reduce costs, make faster decisions and do our jobs
effectively with fewer resources.

In our drive to profitability, we will not slow down on plans to provide
the cars and trucks that people in markets around the world want to buy. We
have 24 major launches in our plan from 2009 through 2012, with a key feature
of this future product strategy being our capability as an electric vehicle
company. Building on our status as the largest producer of electric-drive
vehicles in the United States today with our GEM unit, we are focusing on
electric as our primary clean-vehicle technology.

Combined with our new products from our ENVI group, we expect that 500,000
Chrysler electric-drive vehicles will be on the road by 2013.

It is essential that we continue to promote our lineup of current and
future products so that our customers understand the profound changes taking
place at Chrysler. With that in mind, we will be revealing several important
new products at the upcoming North American International Auto Show. We also
sought the support of our local Detroit area dealers for the auto show, and I
want to express my appreciation to all those that have provided assistance to
help fund our exhibit.

While promoting our products, we will also appropriately scale back some
of our presence at the auto show because of current business conditions. We
have conserved costs in our press event with vehicle reveals that are
product-focused and straightforward, and a simplified product display.

As we draw to the end of this very eventful and difficult year, I want to
extend my thanks to all who contributed to Chrysler this year, including our
many colleagues who have moved on. Against the difficult conditions of a
global recession, you have once again shown the resilience that is the
hallmark of Chrysler people. In recent weeks, I have received hundreds of
letters of support from those in the extended Chrysler family, confirming that
there is great enthusiasm to restore our company to success.

With the holidays upon us, I hope you can take time to enjoy the warmth
and companionship of good friends and family. Please have a safe and joyous
holiday season, and let’s all return in 2009 with a renewed commitment to
making Chrysler the great company we all want it to be.

Bob Nardelli


Source: newswire

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