December 19, 2008

Poll: Donations hold in economic downturn

The number of U.S. donors to charitable organizations has not dropped significantly in spite of the recession, a survey released Friday said.

In a December 2005 survey, 87 percent of the respondents indicated they had donated money to a charity during the year, Gallup Poll said.

This year, the number has dropped, but not much. In Gallup's 2008 Lifestyle Survey, 84 percent indicated they had given money to a charity in the past 12 months.

The number or respondents indicating they donated to religious groups has declined from 64 percent in 2005 to 59 percent this year, Gallup said.

Respondents who indicated they donated to non-religious groups was almost unchanged -- 76 percent in 2005 and 75 percent in 2008.

Respondents indicating they donated time to a charity increased slightly climbing from 62 percent in 2005 to 64 percent this year.

The survey results were based on 1,009 telephone interviews conducted Dec. 4-7 and carry a margin of error of plus and minus 3 percentage points, Gallup said.