Jessup Glo Brite(R) Eco Exit(TM) Signs Meet DOE Call for Energy Efficiency

December 22, 2008

MCHENRY, Ill., Dec. 22 /PRNewswire/ — Jessup Manufacturing Company’s
energy-efficient Glo Brite(R) Eco Exit(TM) signs can help building owners
respond to Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman’s request for commercial,
industrial and institutional building owners to invest in modern lighting
systems that reduce energy consumption.

The Department of Energy estimates that more than $50 billion is being
wasted each year by the owners of 2.8 million U.S. commercial, industrial, and
institutional buildings that rely on outmoded lighting systems.

Jessup’s Eco Exit(TM) line, which was introduced in April, consumes no
energy and needs no maintenance, reducing costs and the carbon footprint for
building owners. The signs from North America’s leading manufacturer of
photoluminescent safety products include single-sided and double-sided
configurations with multiple mounting options and viewing distances of up to
100 feet.

In an early December letter to building industry leaders, Secretary Bodman
wrote, “More than 75% of the nation’s five million commercial, industrial, and
institutional buildings were built prior to the introduction of many
groundbreaking energy efficient technologies currently available today. These
buildings consume nearly 900 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, at a cost
exceeding $115 billion each year.”

According to the Federal Energy Management Program, the best available
exit signs use photoluminescent technology. Jessup has applied ten years of
research and development into producing zero energy, environmentally-friendly
Eco Exit(TM) signs. The signs store the power of ambient light, so they are
safe and do not use any additional energy like electrical exit signs. A
building with 100 Eco Exit(TM) signs can save as much as $3,500 a year in
energy costs and reduce air pollution by almost a half a million pounds of
carbon dioxide compared with electrical signs over the life of the product.

“Our Glo Brite(R) Eco Exit(TM) products are the most energy efficient exit
signs on the market today,” said Alan M. Carlson, vice president marketing
support and business development for Jessup. “These signs don’t require
wiring, bulbs or batteries, which gives building operators a simple way meet
exit safety standards while saving money.”

In addition to ongoing utility bill savings, building owners may qualify
for tax benefits that improve the return on investment for upgrading lighting

National Lighting Bureau Chair Robert W. Colgan, Jr. noted, “The
Commercial Building Tax Deduction [CBTD] introduced through the Energy Policy
Act of 2005 has been extended through December 31, 2013. The CBTD gives owners
a tax benefit of as much as 60 cents per square foot for qualifying lighting
systems, effectively lowering the investment required to update or replace an
outmoded system. The return — in the form of utility bill savings and the
bottom-line benefits of providing better seeing conditions — creates a
genuinely huge financial incentive at a time when building owners could really
use one.”

Many building owners are already switching to Glo Brite(R) Eco Exit(TM)
photoluminescent signs not only for energy savings, but as a safer alternative
to signs using radioactive tritium technology. Tritium, a hydrogen isotope in
gas form that emits radiation in the form of beta rays, has long been the
subject of scrutiny by government and retail groups.

Due to its volatility, each tritium radioactive exit sign has its own
registration number submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) with
seller and user identification. Eco Exit(TM) signs are UL 924 Listed and
non-toxic so there is no disposal issues common with tritium signs that
utilize radioactive materials. Tritium signs that are damaged or incorrectly
disposed of can lead to NRC incident reports requiring corrective action.
During the first six months of the year, there were at least eight NRC
incident reports involving damaged or missing tritium signs.

“Our Eco Exit(TM) signs use the most advanced technology with the highest
value to the customer,” says Carlson. “There is no advantage to specifying
tritium or electrical exit signs in any building today.”

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About Jessup Manufacturing

Jessup Manufacturing Company (http://www.jessupmfg.com) was established in
1956 and is a global manufacturer and supplier of pressure sensitive films,
photoluminescent films and non-slip technology. The company’s products are
used in the building, transportation, printing and action sports markets.

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