December 30, 2008

U.S., Russia cut trade deal for poultry

Russian and U.S. officials said a new poultry and pork trade agreement cuts the quota for U.S. poultry exported to Russia and raises some import duties.

The deal, which applies to 2009 trades, cuts the quota for U.S. poultry imports by 180,000 metric tons, Novosti reported Tuesday.

The agreement also allows Russia to apply a 95-percent-of-value duty on poultry imports over the quota.

The pork quota was unchanged, but the duty for pork above the quota was raised to 75 percent.

U.S. trade negotiators said they were pleased the deal would allow U.S. exporters to continue to access the Russian market. Russia has cut its total poultry import quota 1.25 million metric tons to 952,000 metric tons.

Russia also agreed to postpone a ban on poultry cleansed with chlorine for the year, the news service said.