January 3, 2009

Calif. regulators targeting flat-screen TV

California regulators say all flat-screen televisions being sold statewide should represent the most energy-efficient models by 2011.

The Los Angeles Times reported Saturday that state regulators are seeking regulations that would mandate all retailers sell only such energy-efficient TV models starting in about two years.

The proposed regulations are expected to pass sometime this year despite opposition from the consumer electronics industry, experts said.

The officials behind the proposed standards said the sale of more efficient LCD and plasma TV sets would significantly reduce the state's power usage.

The estimated energy savings across California from the TV sets would equal the energy consumed by 86,400 households, the officials estimate.

The Times said if the proposed regulations are passed, they would be implemented statewide during a two-year period starting New Year's Day 2011 and ending with a second tier on Jan. 1, 2013.