January 7, 2009

Walt Disney World settles 5-year-old suit

Walt Disney World has settled a prolonged legal battle with a Pennsylvania company that designed one of its more controversial rides, officials said.

Two people have died on the Mission: Space ride that opened in 2003 and simulates the forceful physics of blasting off and flying through space, the Orlando, Fla., Sentinel reported Wednesday.

Both deaths were attributed to previous medical conditions, the newspaper said.

Environmental Tectonics Corp., which designed the ride, filed a suit against Walt Disney World five years ago, claiming the theme park owner still owed it money and leaked design information to a rival company.

Disney counter-sued, claiming the Pennsylvania company did not meet its contractual obligations. Disney also said cost overruns based on Environmental Tectonics' failings exceeded $20 million.

Terms of the settlement were confidential, the Sentinel reported.