January 8, 2009

Auto show promises indoor test track

Organizers of Detroit's 2009 auto show said the empty space provided by no-show automobile companies would be replaced with an indoor test track.

The Michigan Economic Development Corp. is sponsoring a 1/8-mile indoor track that will roam past indoor waterfalls and a forest-like landscape, The Detroit News reported Thursday.

This will blow your mind, said the North American International Auto Show's senior co-chairman Joe Serra. It literally looks like you're in a beautiful forest. It's huge, he said.

A committee is selecting the cars visitors will be able to drive, but the selection includes several hybrid vehicles, including the hydrogen-powered Chevrolet Equinox.

We selected vehicles that have low emissions or zero emissions, said the show's executive producer Richard Plyer.

Portable air quality monitoring devices will also be used during the show, Plyer said.