VIDEO from Medialink and Honeywell: Prestone(R) Ice & Frost Shield Designed to Prevent Frost From Adhering to Glass

January 14, 2009

NEW YORK, Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ — To help drivers that don’t have the luxury of parking their vehicle in a garage during the cold weather months, Prestone Lab Technician Rebecca Marshall has literally spent the last four and a half years developing and testing Prestone(R) Ice & Frost Shield Vehicle Glass Treatment’s winter ice-fighting capabilities, often in temperatures well below freezing.

(See video from Honeywell (NYSE: HON) at: http://inr.mediaseed.tv/Prestone_36159/)

“We put it to work outdoors against the cruelest conditions with comprehensive field testing over several New England winters,” said Marshall. “Since I never knew what Mother Nature would bring, I applied the product almost every night.”

Otherwise known as “The Night Before Frost Blocker,” Ice & Frost Shield is a concentrated high-performance formula that provides a resilient barrier between the environment and automotive glass, thus reducing the formation of frost, and the adhesion of frost, light ice and snow on vehicle windshields and side windows.

For best results, drivers should spray Prestone Ice & Frost Shield on the glass surfaces of their vehicle once it is parked for the night. Use of the product will dramatically reduce the time, effort and hassle it takes to clear the glass. Ice & Frost Shield will help the treated glass stay clear of light frost while just a few swipes from windshield wipers or a snow brush will help clear heavier amounts of frost, snow and ice. The product can also be used during the day while people are working.

“We know how pressed people are for time and, speaking from experience, I personally know how inconvenient and tedious it is to scrape off a windshield covered with ice,” said Marshall. “Ice & Frost Shield really helps drivers take back winter, a time of year most people dread when it comes to commuting or travel. It’s perfect for folks living in cold weather markets that don’t have a garage. The product is also a great gift for moms with small kids or for college students who have to leave their vehicle uncovered in a large parking lot at night.”

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SOURCE Medialink; Honeywell

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