January 22, 2009

NetApp named ‘Best Company To Work For’

California data management company NetApp's benefits, reserves and lack of layoffs helped propel it to the top of Fortune's Best Company To Work For list.

The company's egalitarian culture includes a travel policy that reads, we are a frugal company. But don't show up dog-tired to save a few bucks. Use your common sense, Fortune said.

Benefits at NetApp, which has gained market share during the first year of a recession, include five paid days off for volunteer work and $11,390 for adoption aid, the magazine said.

NetApp, previously number 14 on the list, also has $2 billion in cash reserves -- the better to ride out a slump, should it happen to get into one, CNN/Money said.

Edward Jones investments at No. 2 actually hired 698 financial advisers last year, Boston Consulting increased recruitment of minorities, Google -- previously No. 1 -- and supermarket chain Wegmans, which offers discounts and free yoga classes, make up the top five on this year's list.

Cisco, Genentech, Methodist Hospital, Goldman Sachs and Nugget Market complete the list.