January 26, 2009

Montreal Gazette workers reject contract

Some 190 workers at The Gazette newspaper in Montreal have rejected their employer's latest contract offer, but no plans for a strike were announced.

The workers have been without a contract since June 1, and the Montreal Newspaper Guild has had strike rights since September, CTV News reported.

The biggest issue is job security. Last year more than 40 Gazette workers were laid off by the Canwest chain of newspapers, the report said. Irwin Block, vice president of the union, told CTV the latest four-year contract offer left the door open to intracompany outsourcing.

People who are not from Montreal, who don't understand our culture and don't understand our priorities, will be putting together parts of the newspaper, he said.

There was no immediate comment from Gazette or Canwest officials on Sunday's vote, the report said.