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Energy Crime Stoppers Hotline Delivers First Arrest

January 26, 2009

HOUSTON, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ — Energized by reports of its first arrest, recovered equipment, and police working active tips on energy theft, sponsors of the Energy Crime Stoppers hotline implored members to increase urgency to deter energy field theft. Crime fighters warned that thieves seek easy marks for quick income and during a tough economy desperate thieves target facilities with weak security.

In its first six months, Energy Crime Stoppers 24-hour hotline generated over 50 tips and produced its first arrest and recovery of equipment. Several tips from Energy Crime Stoppers hotline are active police cases according to a report delivered to Energy Security Council (ESC) members by Tony Lapaglia, Apache Corp. security manager and ESC law enforcement liaison chair.

“Just a few minutes ago the 888-OIL-TIPS crime line produced our first arrest and recovery of an $18,000 four-wheeler stolen from an energy substation in East Texas,” Lapaglia told the group.

“Post signs, slap on bumper stickers and give your employees hardhat decals with the 888-OIL-TIPS Crime Stoppers hotline,” Susan Rogers, Odessa Crime Stoppers executive director and advisor to Energy Crime Stoppers advised 170 security professionals at the ESC conference. “Show thieves you are working with authorities and criminals move to another, easier target.”

Rogers attributed Energy Crime Stoppers hotline success to awareness and partnership with local crime stopper programs. Citizens anonymously report criminal activity by dialing 888-645-TIPS (8477) or calling local crime stoppers. Callers remain anonymous while information is reported to nearest law enforcement for quick action. Tipsters receive a confidential code used to claim rewards for information leading to convictions. Tipsters also can report crime anonymously through ESC’s website www.energysecuritycouncil.org

“Tipsters know it is safe to call Crime Stoppers with information. They remain anonymous,” Rogers said. “This trust extends to Energy Crime Stoppers since it partners with Crime Stoppers.”

ESC created 888-645-TIPS (8477) to deter crime and equipment theft at remote energy sites such as electrical, wind and nuclear power, petrochemical, product storage, and oil and gas. ESC provides cash rewards up to $1,000 when a tip leads to arrest and/or conviction for theft, fraud or crimes committed against energy companies in Texas.

ESC is an international non-profit professional networking organization with a mission to enhance safety, security and business operations of its diverse member companies, corporations and associates.

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