January 27, 2009

Canada’s unemployment insurance claims up

The number of unemployed Canadians receiving federal jobless insurance rose 3.1 percent from October to November to 506,320, Statistics Canada reported.

On an annual basis, November 2008's rate was up 12.3 percent, or 48,700 people from November 2007, the agency reported from Ottawa. During that span, the number of men receiving benefits rose 17.1 percent, and the number of women increased 6.1 percent.

Among the 10 provinces and three territories, Ontario's annual jump was the highest, at 28.2 percent, followed by British Columbia at 24.6 percent, StatsCan said. Nunavut ranked third with 21.9 percent and Yukon posted a 21.3 percent increase.

Within Ontario, three cities heavily reliant on the automotive industry posted extraordinary annual gains in jobless benefits claimants, the report said. Oshawa, east of Toronto, saw claims soar 99.1 percent, the border city of Windsor had a 57.9 increase, and claims in London jumped 46.5 percent, StatsCan said.