Introducing pur camboo(R), Ecologically-Conscious, Luxury Fiber Blend

January 27, 2009

WAKEFIELD, Mass., Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ — pur brands, llc. invites you to begin the New Year au courant by enjoying an ecologically and environmentally friendly, innovative, luxury fabric called pur camboo(R). The ultimate statement for today’s eco-conscious, luxury-loving lifestyle, pur camboo(R) results from the pairing of two natural resources, a blend of cashmere and bamboo into one natural, luxury fiber.

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Cashmere has long been recognized as the most luxurious natural fiber in the world. pur brands, llc. established a reputation for creating the finest cashmere, home-and-fashion accessories through their luxury division, pur cashmere. Cashmere is derived from the shorn fleece of Mongolian goats. Because of extreme weather conditions — freezing winters and dry, hot summers — nature has supplied the goats of this region a layered coat of fleece unlike that found on animals anywhere else in the world. Each spring, when the goats no longer benefit from its insulating warmth, the undercoat of fine cashmere fiber is sheared without harm to them. Made only in Mongolia, cashmere is extremely durable and — like a fine wine — improves with age. Items made by pur cashmere are of heirloom quality.

The goats of Mongolia graze on indigenous, abundant bamboo, a fast-growing, sustainable, and easily renewable natural resource. Due to its inherent anti-bacterial properties, bamboo grows without the necessity of pesticides. Its harvest does not damage surrounding land nor cause destruction of forestation. The fiber is made from the cellulosic pulp at the core of the bamboo stalk. Through a process developed by pur brands, llc., the pulp is transformed into a light, translucent, and extremely soft fiber and fabric.

Consumers have reveled in the feel of pur bamboo’s silky, velvety softness ever since it was introduced by pur brands, llc., in their line of sought-after accessories. It was only natural that pur brands, llc. combine the luxury of cashmere with their recently developed bamboo yarn to create their latest natural fiber: pur camboo(R). Grown, harvested, spun, knitted, and woven on the grasslands of Mongolia, pur camboo(R) is a blend of the most luxurious fiber in the world and the most sustainable protein fiber on earth. As owners of the registered trademark, pur camboo(R), pur brands, llc. has created a successful hybrid that will surely bring the pleasure of luxury to ecologically conscious consumers.

The high level of quality of pur brands’ products is reflected in their unique labeling, and the care with which they are packaged and distributed; pur camboo(R) accessories include shawls, scarves, robes, and throws, among others.

For more information about pur brands, llc. and their ecologically friendly, luxury fabrics, please visit www.purcashmere.com or email info@purcashmere.com.

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