January 29, 2009

Schlitz production returns to Milwaukee

Schlitz beer production has returned to its hometown of Milwaukee, the Pabst Brewing Co. said Thursday.

The homecoming, some would say, is 27 years in the making. In 1970, Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co. changed the formula for the beer dubbed, the beer that made Milwaukee famous, which was part of the reason the beer fell out of favor. Production was halted in 1982, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Last year, Pabst, which owns the original formula, revived Schlitz production, calling it the Classic 1960s formula. It was produced in bottles under contract by MillerCoors in Eden, N.C. The company shifted bottle production to Milwaukee after new equipment was installed at a MillerCoors plant.

The bottled product -- fuller flavored than the canned product, the newspaper said -- helped lead Pabst to its best sales trend since 1999 in the second half of 2008, Beer Marketer's Insight reported.