NBC and American Airlines Create Largest In-Flight TV Network; Brand Connections Awarded Exclusive Advertising Rights

February 9, 2009

NEW YORK, Feb. 9 /PRNewswire/ — American Airlines recently named Brand Connections as its new in-flight advertising provider, allowing national brands to reach consumers in-flight.

Beginning April 1, ads will be featured prominently alongside American’s in-flight programming, “NBC Universal on American Airlines.” All content — including “TODAY,” “On the Money,” “The Office,” “30 Rock” and more — will be available complimentary to every traveler aboard American Airlines flights.

Brands advertising on board American Airlines will have access to more than 3.4 million customers per month on 360 planes via 17,000 TV screens.

“This is a chance for brands to reach a valuable and often elusive group of consumers, on a scale and with a level of precision that is unprecedented,” said Brian Martin, founder and chief executive of Brand Connections. “We will be delivering carefully-targeted brand messaging to audiences of affluent consumers and decision makers for impressive periods of time.”

This relationship marks the first time American Airlines is utilizing a dedicated third-party specializing in venue-based advertising to bring brands into its digital network.

Through Brand Connections, ads will now be strategically integrated into corresponding NBC Universal content to maximize brand recall and increase purchase intent. Brand Connections will have the ability to measure this recall after flights, and provide brands with statistics that illustrate their ad’s effectiveness.

In-flight advertising is one component of a multi-platform network created by Brand Connections that also includes product sampling and literature placement through the nation’s largest hotel network. Brands can utilize these other tools in conjunction with their American Airlines in-flight campaigns for fully-integrated marketing programs that influence travelers for the entire duration of their trip. The network is one of the only in existence that follows the consumer from morning to night.

“Brands will quickly see the extraordinary value of utilizing the multiple touch points developed throughout this network. As an example, a traveler will see the brand’s 30 second spot in flight and will then be given a product sample or literature piece right at the point of usage in their hotel when they land … a truly integrated program,” said Martin.

About Brand Connections

Brand Connections (www.brandconnections.com) is one of the largest marketing and media companies in North America focused on reaching consumers in venues. The company’s targeted media, product placement and experiential marketing products connect national advertisers with hundreds of millions of consumers in environments such as airlines, hotels & resorts, outdoor sports & recreation centers and colleges & universities. Since 2001, Brand Connections has connected more than 400 national brands with over 1 billion consumers.

Brand Connections is backed by one of the largest global media-focused private equity firms, Veronis Suhler Stevenson.

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