Commonwealth Brands Objects to Proposed Smoking Ban

February 9, 2009

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Commonwealth Brands, Inc., the fourth largest tobacco manufacturer in the U.S., has written to North Carolina State Representative Hugh Holliman (D)- Davidson, objecting to his proposed state-wide smoking ban in public and work places. Within the letter Anthony Hemsley, Vice President of Corporate and Government Affairs, asserts that smoking bans are not only unreasonable but can be detrimental to local business, many of which depend on smoking customers. It is also unfair to adult smokers, infringing on their right to consume a legal product.

“It is our view that wholesale smoking bans in public places are disproportionate and unnecessary,” stated Hemsley. “Any concerns about public place smoking can be addressed by providing well ventilated smoking and non-smoking areas or by simply allowing a choice to the individual business owners as to whether they wish to allow smoking or not.”

“Commonwealth Brands will continue to fight for the rights and interests of our consumers. This will always include objecting to overreaching government regulation that unreasonably infringes upon our individual freedoms.”

Commonwealth Brands, Inc. is the fourth largest tobacco manufacturer in the United States. Its cigarettes include Davidoff, Sonoma, Montclair and USA Gold, the nation’s eighth best seller. Its portfolio of fine tobaccos consists of the Premier, McClintock, Rave and Bali Shag brands. The Company also manufactures a range of tobacco related products, which include Premier, Rizla, and El Rey cigarette tubes and E-Z Wider and Joker cigarette papers.

Commonwealth Brands, Inc. is based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, with its manufacturing facility in Reidsville, NC. It employs over 900 people across 50 States. The Company is committed to its employees, its brands and its consumers.

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