February 10, 2009

Recipe safe, KFC launches value menu

U.S. fast-food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken said Tuesday it would launch a new value menu and dare reporters to steal its secret recipe.

The company said would initiate a menu that boasted 99 cent KFC Snacker sandwiches, two biscuits or two apple turnovers; $1.49 side salad or KFC toasted wrap, and $1.99 box lunches, (including popcorn chicken with potato wedges or three hot wings with potato wedges), snack-sized bowl or a honey barbecued sandwich.

It also promised to provide reporters a lunch from the new menu and a chance to crack the safe in Louisville, Ky., where it has moved the original, handwritten recipe penned by Col. Harland Sanders in 1940.

Good luck. The computerized safe containing the recipe weighs 770 pounds and requires a smart key and a personal identification number to open. Features include a silent alarm, a preset timer that allows entrance only at preordained times and a 24-hour electronic surveillance system. In addition, it is encased in 2-foot thick concrete walls, ceiling and floor, the company said.