February 11, 2009

Canadian airline ad rules still grounded

Opposition dissent is growing in the Canadian Parliament about a 20-month delay in implementing rules for airlines to advertise full ticket costs.

In June 2007, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government passed legislation requiring the Transport Canada agency to hold consultations on implementing the all-in requirement, but none have taken place, the Canwest News Service reported.

In protest, Member of Parliament Jim Maloway of the socialist New Democratic Party filed a private bill Tuesday to force action, the report said.

People are really upset that they are motivated to respond to an ad that says, '$99 from Toronto to Vancouver,' only to find out that it's going to cost them four times that, Maloway told the news agency. That's what they're upset about. They see it as more or less bait-and- switch.

The Canadian airline industry has spoken out against the Conservatives' measure, saying that while foreign carriers would have to advertise their tax-and surcharge-included full prices in Canadian media, there is no way to regulate their offshore Web sites, the report said.