New Service Delivers Solution to Meet Requirements of CA Climate Change Laws

February 12, 2009

WATSONVILLE, Calif., Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ — California Energy Initiatives
(CEI), a leading developer of accurate, timely and cost-effective greenhouse
gas emissions profiling solutions, today announced the introduction of its
service that profiles the distribution of greenhouse gas levels throughout
California. CEI’s new service is a key resource for the successful
implementation of California’s landmark climate change legislation for all of
California’s 58 counties, 18 metropolitan planning organizations, 470 cities,
and functional regions related to air quality, water quality and
transportation. The Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) calls for a
reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

CEI’s patent-pending profiling platform benchmarks current energy use and
greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions levels, enabling users to quantify economic
impacts, evaluate alternative initiatives and measure ongoing progress. The
platform provides comparison of GhG emissions levels to those of 1990,
delivers trend analysis, and offers alternative and specific frameworks for
setting local targets and strategies for 2020 and 2050.

“Public, political and legislative pressure is building quickly to
specifically address how and when California’s governments will actively and
cost-effectively battle global warming and the impacts of climate change,”
said Tom Rosewall, CEI founder and CEO. “California needs a faster, more
affordable, accurate way of pinpointing GHG emissions. CEI’s services enable
decision makers to immediately begin the process of understanding exactly what
greenhouse gas reductions mean at the local level in actionable terms.”

“Policy makers need the ability to make critical decisions today to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions, especially considering the requirements of
California’s landmark climate change legislation, AB 32 and SB 375,” said

Virginia Johnson, CEO of Ecology Action, Inc., a leading Northern California
provider of environmental and conservation services. “CEI’s service is
exactly the right solution at the right time because it streamlines the
current complicated and daunting process with its accurate, economical and
time-saving approach.”

CEI’s service revolutionizes the greenhouse gas profiling process by:

— Providing useable data quickly, with comparable levels of overall
accuracy, at more affordable prices

— Eliminating local government staff requirements — a critical
consideration in the midst of the ongoing statewide fiscal crisis

— Offering greater flexibility, ease-of-adoption and replication
potential for local governments and agencies

— Enabling planners to better forecast future land use implications with
respect to SB 375

— Delivering analyses using a single methodology, with data and
timeframes used consistently across regions

— Pinpointing the current geographic distribution of California’s entire
500 million tons of annual GhG emissions, comparing it to 1990 levels, and
defining options for achieving 2020 GhG levels consistent with Assembly Bill
32, California’s climate change legislation

CEI services include local and statewide base line mapping of greenhouse
gases, objective setting, plan development, initiative development and
implementation assistance, program validation and compliance, and advocacy
support. Target audiences include key decision makers and program
implementers within regional, county and city government, state agencies and
their regional departments, and the public and private institutions that
support them.

    California's Footprint & the Urgency for Policymakers:

    -- California is America's largest economy, and ranked eighth in the world
    -- California is America's second largest greenhouse gas emitter, and is
       ranked 15th in the world
    -- Nearly 40 million people driving over 335 billion miles each year in
       over 27 million vehicles, burning nearly 20 billion gallons of
       transportation fuels, and using over 280 billion kilowatt hours of
       electricity per year, plus over 13 billion therms of natural gas that
       we use locally
    -- 12 years left to take California's greenhouse gas emissions back to
       1990 levels
    -- In September 2009, the Regional Targets Advisory Committee submits to
       the California Air Resources Board its recommendations regarding
       passenger vehicle transportation

About California Energy Initiatives

California Energy Initiatives, LLC was established in 2008 to support
California’s decision makers in successfully identifying and implementing
strategies and programs to respond to climate change within the State. CEI
services focus on practical, accurate and cost-effective solutions relative to
greenhouse gas emissions, energy production and consumption, and program

For more information, visit http://www.california-energy.com

The name and logo for California Energy Initiatives are trademark
protected. California Energy Initiatives, LLC’s profiling system awaits final
patent approval.

SOURCE California Energy Initiatives

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