February 14, 2009

Mexico likely Valentine’s Day candy source

Mexico's thriving candy manufacturing industry likely was the source of most Valentine's Day candy sales in the United States, industry officials say.

With Mexican candy imports to the United States more than doubling since 2002, chances are that candy purchased for U.S. sweethearts likely has Mexican origins, USA Today reported Thursday.

Among the confectioners with operations in Mexico are Brach's Confections, Sunrise Confections and Bobs Candies of Albany, Ga.

Dennis Bomberger, business manager of Pennsylvania's Chocolate Workers Local 464, said a growing number of candy-making jobs are leaving the United States for foreign destinations such as Mexico.

All these companies want to make it cheap overseas somewhere, then bring it back and sell it to our people who don't have any jobs to buy it, the Hershey, Pa., union official said.

Candy Industry Editor Bernard Pacyniak agreed that candy companies are relocating their manufacturing sites to Mexico to cut costs.

It's multinationals just trying to contain their costs, he told USA Today.