Dialog Telekom to Deploy Ten Solar and Wind-Powered Base Stations in Sri Lanka

February 17, 2009

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 17 /PRNewswire/ — The GSMA today announced that it
is working with Dialog Telekom to deploy ten solar and wind-powered base
stations in Sri Lanka as part of its Green Power for Mobile programme. The
trial, which will deploy five off-grid and five on-grid base stations, has
seen two sites go live this month and a further eight sites will go live in
March and April this year. The goal of the trial is to use a number of
different scenarios with equipment from eight different vendors to demonstrate
the range of options available and the commercial viability of rolling out
mobile networks using renewable forms of energy.

The base stations, which rely on a sophisticated methodology for
calculating the optimum mix between solar and wind technology, such as the
size of the wind turbine or solar panels, will save up to 109 thousand litres
of diesel per annum and cut carbon emission by up to 294 tonnes per annum. Up
to now, off-grid base stations have primarily been powered by generators
running on diesel fuel, which is increasingly expensive, generates carbon
dioxide emissions, and can be difficult to transport to remote locations.
There are also issues with the reliability of the electricity grid in Sri
, so the trial will also investigate powering on-grid base stations,
during downtime, with renewable energy.

“Being able to utilise practical, cost effective and renewable sources of
power is crucial for operators wanting to provide a broad range of mobile
coverage, over vast rural areas, far beyond the reach of national electricity
grids,” said Michael O’Hara, chief marketing officer for the GSMA. “Dialog
Telekom, as part of the GSMA’s Green Power for Mobile programme, has used a
number of different scenarios to prove to the industry that renewable energy
is a real and viable alternative to on-grid and generator power.”

The trial will assess the plethora of renewable energy providers in the
marketplace today, further demonstrating the viability of non-traditional
forms of power. The GSMA’s Development Fund, who initiated the Green Power for
Mobile programme, will make the results from the trial public later this year.
The eight top-tier vendors chosen to provide the technology for the trial
include BP Solar for solar panels, Southwest Windpower, Bergey Windpower,
Proven Energy and Kestrel for wind turbines, PowerOasis for power controllers
and remote monitoring technology, and Exide Technologies and BYD for

“We have consistently striven to extend modern technology access to rural
communities and thereby enrich lives,” said Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya, Group Chief
Operating Officer of TM International Berhad and Group Chief Executive of
Dialog Telekom PLC. “Social and environmental responsibilities matter to
Dialog Telekom as much as economic performance, and this trial epitomises this
commitment to integrate sustainability into our operations.”

Don Price, Group Chief Technology Officer of TM International Berhad,
commented: “TMI is delighted to be associated with the GSMA in pioneering this
initiative in collaboration with our Sri Lankan operation, Dialog Telekom PLC.
We are confident this much-needed programme will enable the industry at large
to move the green power debate from hype to reality, ensuring that a renewable
energy agenda can present a pragmatic business case to connect the

The GSMA’s Green Power for Mobile programme, launched last year, is backed
by 25 mobile operators and has built up a deep pool of expertise in selecting
the ideal combination of renewable energy sources to suit local conditions.
The programme aims to help the mobile industry to take advantage of renewable
energy to power 118,000 new and existing off-grid base stations in developing
countries by 2012. Today less than 2,000 base stations worldwide are powered
by renewable energy sources.

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