Catalyx, Inc. Signs Contract for Commercial Deployment of Forward Osmosis Based Dewatering Technology

February 24, 2009

ANAHEIM, Calif., Feb. 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Catalyx, Inc., has
signed a build-own-operate (BOO) contract with RG Global Lifestyles, Inc.,
(OTC Bulletin Board: RGBL)(http://www.rgglife.com) for a brine dehydration
system to facilitate recovery of sodium sulfate from ion exchange regenerant
brine. The system will be built around Catalyx’s patent-pending Two-Way
Osmosis (TWO) (http://www.catalyxinc.com/forward-osmosis.html) system that
utilizes a unique membrane to employ forward osmosis (a pressure free water
transport mechanism used by plant roots) combined with traditional reverse
osmosis to dewater 5%-7% sodium sulfate brine without the need for additional
chemical or other pre-treatment.

The TWO dewatering system is expected to reduce the volume of concentrated
liquid waste by 50%. The further concentration will reduce regenerate brine
disposal costs for RG Global significantly, as well as allow RG Global to
start recovering the valuable sodium sulfate for sale to industries.

“After months of pilot testing, we are convinced this system will
significantly increase our profitability,” said Grant King, CEO of RG Global.
“The most significant cost of operation in a landlocked state like Wyoming is
the disposal of concentrated waste. While our regenerant waste is already the
lowest in industry, further concentration allows us to cut costs more and turn
the sodium sulfate into a revenue generating product.”

Typically, in reverse osmosis, high hydraulic pressure is applied on
saltwater to push it through commercial membrane systems to extract pure water
– against the water’s natural tendency. These membranes cannot operate in the
forward osmosis mode because they have to be built to withstand such pressures
which results in Internal Concentration Polarization (ICP) — in short, the
membrane construction requires the water to travel long pathways through the
membrane thickness, decreasing the osmotic pressure difference. Catalyx’s
Forward Osmosis membrane eliminates ICP with a very thin, high porosity
membrane that allows water to rapidly travel through the membrane due to the
difference in osmotic pressures.

While Catalyx’s eventual goal is to adapt its forward osmosis membrane for
desalination of seawater, the company is currently only focused on its ability
to dewater very difficult-to-treat aqueous wastes. Additionally, Catalyx is
marketing the TWO Systems for recycling waste from carpet mills, textile
mills, tanneries, mining tailings, oilfield drilling fluids, and concentrating
livestock wash water to enhance biogas production.

Additional technical background on Catalyx’s forward osmosis process is
available at http://www.catalyxinc.com/forward-osmosis.html.

About RG Global

RG Global Lifestyles, Inc. develops and markets innovative technologies
for water purification and wastewater treatment. Major energy production
companies have selected RG’s proven CFS technology to economically treat coal
bed methane wastewater, making production of this plentiful, clean-burning gas
more economically feasible and environmentally friendly. For more information,
visit http://www.rgglife.com.

Safe Harbor Statement

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cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-
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About Catalyx, Inc.:

Catalyx, Inc. (http://www.catalyxinc.com) is a privately funded technology
incubator founded in 2002. For six years, it has been involved in the
development of low cost, sustainable technologies for distributed renewable
energy generation, green manufacturing processes and water treatment
technologies. The developed technologies are placed in spin off companies for
commercialization. In 2009, Catalyx will be releasing a stream of its
developed technologies for commercialization.

Catalyx has spun off the following companies successfully:

— Energix Research, http://www.energixresearch.com develops green
manufacturing processes via a patent pending electrically activated catalysis

— Catalyx Nanotech, http://www.catalyxnano.com manufactures nanomaterials
from low cost methane using a patented process.

— Catalyx Fluid Solutions, Inc http://www.catalyxfs.com manufactures a
capacitive desalting device for water using carbon nanomaterials, and has
licensed a low waste ion exchange system for CBM produced water treatment to
RGBL with the license to use the Catalyx Fluid Solutions name.

— Catalyx Engineering, http://www.catalyxeng.com is a high precision
machine shop and full service engineering company.

CONTACT: Julie Shepherd, Accentuate PR, 815 479 1833,

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SOURCE Catalyx, Inc.; RG Global Lifestyles, Inc.

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